Patient Information

Dear Patient
Thankyou for visiting the Optimal Health Clinic. Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of service and re-education in integrated Western, Functional and Chinese Medicine. To ensure your visit and ongoing relationship with us is a positive one we wish to draw your attention to the following.

Type of Treatment you will receive.
You may receive any of the forms of treatment that are outlined in your Patient information pack. All of these forms of treatment are non-invasive except for Acupuncture. The possible side effects of these forms of treatment are minor and only occur in some patients. These possible side effects may include with Acupuncture: very minor pain on insertion or removal of the acupuncture needles. Your symptoms may possible in some cases worsen for a few days after the treatment and then improve, minor bruising at the site of needle insertion. With Bio Resonance therapy, Homotoxicolgy Neurological Integration System (NIS) and BodyTalk, you may experience a worsening of your symptoms or a fluey or livery feeling for a few days after the treatment as your liver deals with a high level of toxin excretion. With Herbal or Supplement treatment you may experience minor digestive disturbances such as mild nausea or diarrhoea. These side effects occur in a small number of cases. If any of these symptoms are severe, last any longer than three days or are concerning to you, we recommend you contact us immediately.

Support Person
You are welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointments. Some diagnosis and treatments may require access to body areas that warrant the presence of a third person, your practitioner will advise you in these instances.

Access to the centre and parking
Parking is available directly out front. The clinic is currently operating out of a private residence and therefore does not have an access ramp or railing for disabled patients. We apologise for this and suggest that if you have difficulty with the stairs that you bring a support person or use a suitable walking aid, or request assistance from a staff member. Thankyou.

Appointments and hours
It is our intention to run on time. Thus we would appreciate your arrival 5 minutes before your appointment, to facilitate a smooth running schedule. Practice hours vary and we are able to meet most lifestyle needs. By appointment only.

Treatment of animals
We have experience with treating animals and continue to offer this service.

Treatment under Accident Compensation
Darryl is a registered as an approved ACC treatment provider. Please notify us that you would like to claim under ACC so we can obtain your claim number.

Claiming under medical insurance
The following Insurance companies cover treatment provided by members of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturist Incorporated. Southern Cross Healthcare (The Wellbeing Plan) EBS Health Care (Educational Benevolent Society), PSIS Health Care, Health Service Welfare Society (HSWS), The following organizations may provide a refund, the Public Service Welfare Society, Telecom NZ Ltd, The lodges (e.g. Manchester unity), Police Department, Post Office, Air New Zealand, NZ Railways, War Pensions. Please talk to us about your desire to make a claim.

What to expect from your treatment.
We address the reasons for structural, pathological, neurological and physiological problems. We assess your individual needs. As each of us are individuals, treatment outcomes and healing times may vary. Treatment at this centre addresses causes as well as symptoms, and in the process addresses the deeper reasons for ongoing problems. With this in mind, your body needs time to heal. Your initial treatment is scheduled in two parts. In order to complete your treatment and optimise results it is important you attend your follow up appointment. In some cases it may be a requirement to have further treatment, and this will be dependent on the findings during your initial consultation.

Making contact with your practitioner
You may be asked to feedback progress from your treatment. Please call the clinic and leave all details requested. Your practitioner may not be available to take calls during practice hours. Any calls will be returned at the end of each day.

Cancellations/Emergency Care
Should you require care at short notice, please let us know. If a practitioner is not available, we will put you on our cancellation list. It you are given an appointment by way of cancellation please advise us so we can remove your original appointment (if applicable). As a courtesy to us, and the demand on our bookings, please give 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so may result in a $40 charge.

The centre offers the following payment options, paypal, cheque (not post-dated) or cash.

Nutritional Supplementation
This is available at this practice. We believe good nutritional support will enhance your ongoing health and wellbeing. This practice supports a number of different ranges of supplements including practitioner only ranges, which are of the highest quality and efficacy. Please ask your practitioner about your nutritional requirements. For your convenience, on going requirements for supplementation can be sent to you by courier. This requires provision of credit card details; a nominal courier & handling fee will apply.

If you have any questions, or you are unable to meet the above requirements, please notify us prior to your visit.

We look forward to helping and caring for you and your health.



Darryl Ufton