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Save Money When You Go Shopping – Why you need a Beep Card!

The Beepxtra Loyalty card program is taking the world by storm!

Already smart retailers and savvy shoppers in over 186 countries have signed up to the Beepxtra loyalty card program. To check to see if Beep is available in your country, you can check here.

If it is available to you, by joining with us now, I can offer you cashback discounts on health services, consultattions and products now and into the future – you can then also use those same cash rebates at any other Beep outlet anywhere in the world – how cool is that!

Beepxtra allows members to accumulate cash, not points for spending money with both traditional offline retailers and online retail outlets also.

Members are given a % discount that applies to any purchase made in an Beep store anywhere in the world.  That discount is converted into cash and is available immediately on the cardholders card to then redeem at another Beep outlet or use again within that same store for a purchase in the future.

It’s very simple but very powerful!

Here’s a brief overview video of how the beepxtra system works;

As a valued client or potential client, we offer you the ability to join Beepxtra with us today and start saving, fill in your details below and we’ll send your beepxtra invite to you, usually within 24 hours.

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